Emergency Plumbers in Crewe

YourRepair: Emergency Plumbers in Crewe

Fast local response throughout Crewe.

YourRepair has been providing quality emergency plumbers in Crewe and the surrounding areas for more than 20 years.

If you have a plumbing or heating problem that requires immediate attention, our friendly, highly-qualified, local plumbers will solve your problem in a timely, cost-efficient and professional manner.

Whether your emergency is a burst or frozen pipe, a blocked toilet, a problem with your boiler or tank, your emergency is our priority.  We understand that an unexpected issue in your home is stressful, but you can rest assured we will solve your problem with minimal fuss and disruption.

Fast Local Plumbers in Crewe
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Why Choose YourRepair for Your Plumbing Repairs in Crewe?

  • 12 month guarantee on all our work
  • All our rates are 100% transparent
  • Boiler diagnostic and safety checks, to quickly identify the problem

  • Fast reliable response
  • All our staff are CRB (DBS) checked
  • Friendly, uniformed staff, with visible identification

Below are some examples of the work that our emergency plumbers in Crewe have recently completed:

Emergency Plumbers in CreweWhat the problem was:
Water leaking from under the customer’s bath and through the kitchen ceiling, including the kitchen light.

What we did:
The YourRepair call advisor took the call, and located the nearest plumber available. Call advisor also advised customer to switch off water supply and not to use anything electrical or use sockets or switches.

Plumber arrived at the property in under one hour, and repaired leak to pipework under bath. Part of the pipework needed replacement, which was replaced from stock available on the plumbers van.

Water was turned back on and checked that leak had been resolved before leaving the property. All completed in under one hour.

Leak resolved anddue to quick response, minimal damage caused to the property. We also advised to let the electrics dry and get an electrician check to ensure they are safe before switching them back on.

Client testimonial:
Thanks guys, you arrived within an hour and got everything sorted quickly. The lady in the office was great, especially when I was so stressed as well.

YourRepair Emergency Plumbers in CreweWhat the problem was:
The customer was re-installing floorboards, when he put a nail through a water pipe underneath. This has caused a leak through the ceiling in the living room area.

What we provided:
On booking, we advised customer to turn off the stop cock, which he had already done, and gave instructions on starting to drain down the system, so that it slows the leak more quickly before the engineer arrives.

The Emergency Plumber arrived in under one hour, he drained down the system, so that repair to pipe could be made. New piece of pipework was then installed, and system was refilled. Repair tested to ensure no further leak.

Work completed promptly so to minimise damage.

Pipe damage repaired. And advice given on how to put down floor boards correctly to prevent any further problems.

Client testimonial:
YourRepair came to my rescue quickly to fix a leak I caused nailing down a floorboard. The plumber that came was great, he turned up quick, and didn’t mess about. I would not hesitate in calling them again, in an emergency or for any routine plumbing.