What Is Boiler Cover?

A cover plan for your boiler. The protection you can take out to help pay for the cost of repairs if your boiler stops working. It will cover call-out charges, the engineer's labour and the price of any replacement parts your boiler repair might require.

Do I need boiler cover? Is it worth it?

If you own your home, or you're a landlord, you should seriously consider getting boiler cover. Some insurance policies may already cover your boiler, so it's worth checking your policy to see if this is the case. Your boiler may also be covered under your boiler's manufacturing warranty. An extended boiler warranty may still apply if, for example, a Worcester Accredited Installer or Vaillant Advances Installer carried out your installation work. 

You'll need to check the terms of the warranty to make sure the period of cover hasn't expired, or if the small print of the warranty applies to your situation. There are likely to be circumstances in which the cause of your boiler problem won't be covered by the warranty. So you may find yourself paying out large sums for boiler repairs.

If your boiler's over 10 years old, it's sure to be showing its age. Getting it insured is going to cost a lot, and some insurers might even refuse to give you a quote.

Getting boil help to protect you against the expensive cost of a boiler breakdown or fault. And you won't pay out for annual service visits. Other benefits of boiler cover include:

• Unlimited call outs (in most cases)

• Access to a customer helpline (usually 24/7)

• Repairs to boiler controls if required

What boiler cover do I need?

Usually, the main difference between boiler cover packages lies in three areas:

• The amount of excess you'll need to pay to cover call-out charges.

• The quality of the helpline services that are available—some won't be 24/7

• The monthly cost of the boiler cover package

It's vital to make sure that when choosing boiler cover, it meets your needs. Be sure to do some boiler cover comparisons before making your decision. There are policies out there that will only cover a limited number of breakdowns and repairs per year.

Boiler cover vs central heating cover

If you've made the decision to get some cover—good move. But it's good to be aware of the difference between boiler cover and the closely related central heating cover.

Boiler cover is purely for your boiler and its controls. Central heating cover is more far-reaching, and includes your boiler, cylinder, vents, tanks, piping, radiators and other associated elements. It's often called boiler and heating cover to distinguish it from the boiler-only option.

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What is an annual service visit?

So, earlier we mentioned annual service visits. This is basically a once a year check on your boiler to ensure it's working properly. It should be carried out by a Gas Safe Engineer who should:

• Carry out a visual check of your boiler and its controls

• Inspect the internal components of the boiler

• Ensure your boiler is firing-up safely

• Maintain the good condition of the boiler

Check that your preferred boiler care package includes a free annual service visit. Most of them do. These annual boiler services are often vital to ensure you keep to the terms of the manufacturer's warranty.

What is a call-out fee? Do I have to pay for it?

It basically means the costs you need to pay when you request a repair for a boiler. Some boiler cover deals won't have an excess for you to pay, others may ask for an amount that's usually about £40-£60. Again, it's worth checking the terms of the package you choose.

Can I switch to a different boiler cover provider?

There's no need to stay loyal to the same boiler cover provider if you don't want to. Sometimes, savings can be made when you switch to a new provider. You'll need to study the small print of your current boiler cover plan as you could be hit with a cancellation fee if you switch before your boiler cover policy expires. Most policies last for 12 months, so unless you're OK to pay to cancel the policy, it's worth holding on.

Get peace of mind with comprehensive boiler care (that includes support for your boiler and its controls) for homeowners and landlords. Our boiler care plans all include an annual boiler service worth £80 (gas safety inspection for Landlords) and start from just £9 per month.