What Is Boiler Breakdown Cover?

Winter puts a big strain on boilers and is often the time of year when breakdowns and faults occur. Right at the time, we're mostly relying on our boilers to keep us warm.

Homeowners have no choice but to pay the often large boiler repair bills in order to keep themselves warm through the winter. But having boiler breakdown cover can really soften the blow.

What is boiler breakdown cover?

Boiler breakdown cover can help cover the cost of calling out engineers to repair your boiler, and pay for the parts and labour required to fix your issue. Like boilers themselves, boiler cover varies, so it's worth comparing boiler cover packages and remembering that the cheapest package may not be the best for you.

Things to watch out for with boiler cover include whether the policy covers limited or unlimited call-outs during the term of cover. Also, check the terms and conditions to see if you can request a repair even if the damage to your boiler was caused by something else in your central heating set-up, or if a re-occurring fault such as too much limescale is to blame.

Do I need gas boiler breakdown cover? Is it worth it?

Whether you're a landlord or homeowner, it's worth checking your insurance policy, as you may already have boiler cover as part of that. You might also have a valid boiler manufacturer's warranty, but usually, these only relate to boilers less than 10 years old. Extended warranties may well cover your boiler after that. These warranties often rely on boilers receiving an annual inspection by recommended inspectors. If this hasn't happened, or if your boiler has been physically damaged, your warranty is likely to be void. Be sure to get your boiler serviced annually to keep the warranty valid.

Having boiler cover will give you additional peace of mind no matter what the terms of your manufacturer's warranty are, or if it has expired. The cover can also put an end to the big dents that unexpected boiler repairs can have on family finances (they cost UK homes £725 million in 2017 according to USwitch). Don't be the next to suffer the necessity of having to make a sudden outlay. Paying monthly for a boiler cover plan really helps avoid the damage those unplanned boiler repair costs can cause.

What boiler breakdown cover do I need?

There's precious little difference between the different types of boiler breakdown packages that are available. The only differences will usually relate to one or more of the following details:

• The call-out fee you pay for an engineer to visit your property

• The monthly cost of the package

• The nature of the helpline - is it a 24/7 service?

Comparing boiler breakdown packages is the best way to find a deal that's right for your needs and your pocket.

Boiler breakdown cover vs central heating cover

Boiler breakdown cover is specifically for boiler breakdowns, and will help cover the price of repairs and labour. Central heating cover gives breakdown protection for your entire central heating set-up. That will include the pipes, cylinders, radiators, vents, as well as the boiler and its controls.

What is an annual service visit?

You should always get a Gas Safe Engineer to carry out an annual check-up of your boiler, to ensure it stays working to its optimum level. Think of it as an MOT for your boiler— a chance to have an expert give it a thorough examination to look for any possible problems. The key elements of an annual service visit should see your engineer:

• Undertake a visual check of your boiler and its controls

• Carry out a full inspection of the boiler's components and firing system

• Ensure it's in good working order

Most boiler breakdown cover packages will include an annual service visit in the price you pay.

What is call-out fee? And do I have to pay it?

If you request a repair for damage to or a fault with your boiler, the call-out fee is the cost you pay. It's a predetermined amount that's part of your cover package, and usually won't be more than £60. Some boiler covers won't require you to pay any call-out fee as the cost will be incorporated into the monthly price you pay.

Can I switch to a different boiler cover provider?

Switching providers is often a good way to make savings on the amount you pay for your boiler cover. You can switch at any time, but you'll need to check the small print of your boiler cover package, as switching before the policy expires usually attracts a cancellation fee. Policies usually run for 12 months, but if you're certain you want to switch before then, and are willing to pay the fee, then there's nothing to stop you from switching.

Get boiler breakdown carewith an annual service included today. It's the fast way to get additional peace of mind with unlimited support from a 24/7 UK based call centre.