Easy Ways To Save Money on Energy Bills This Winter

We all have to pay for the energy that we use!! No way around it I'm afraid. We've got some great idea's to help you save money on your winter energy bills. And let's face it, including Christmas, every bit helps at this time of year. If it's been a while since you changed supplier, then it is likely you could be saving money.

People using comparison sites such as Which? or Money Supermarket, can save over £200 per year on gas and electricity.

Turn Down That Thermostat and Wrap up

Reducing your room temperature by as little as 1ºC can cut your heating bills up to £75 a year in an average UK home (according to the Energy Saving Trust).

So put on that extra pair of socks, and layer up this winter rather than turning up that dial!

Stop Draughts

Stopping the heat from your home escaping through unwanted gaps could help you save up to £50 a year.

Use draught proofing strips on doors, windows and loft hatches. And use draught excluders on the bottom of doors and letter boxes.  If you aren't using your fireplaces, use an inflatable pillow to block the chimney or fit a cap over the chimney pot.

Choose Energy Efficient Appliances or Turn Off the Ones You've Got

Considering replacing your fridge or washing machine this year?  By choosing the most energy efficient model, when replacing any home appliances, you could be shaving money off your electricity bills.

However, if you aren't upgrading there are still things you can do, simply switch everything off at the plug, there's no need to leave it on when it's not in use, it's just using energy and wasting money.

Also turn things down.  If you usually wash on a 60ºC then why not try 40ºC or even 30ºC?

Home Insulation

Insulating your loft and your cavity walls can help save your £££ off your heating bills.  There is also a number of deals available to help you pay for it.

Bleed your Radiators

From time to time air can get trapped inside your radiators, and this prevents them from working as efficiently, as they could have developed cold spots due to the hot water not circulating properly. Bleeding your radiators will rectify this problem and get them back to their best in no time.

Get an Energy Monitor

Some energy providers are even providing you with free one's.  These little monitors can help you find out how much energy you are using, what time you see usage spikes, and what items in your home are the culprits of that ever growing electricity bill.

Check your Boiler

Make sure your boiler is working as efficiently as possible. Inefficiencies with your boiler can cause you unexpected repair bills and costly call out fees should something go wrong. It could also stop the need for expensive electric heaters and heated blankets that help run up your electricity bills. 

Having an annual boiler service is a great idea that more people should be thinking about. Check out our other blog - Annual Boiler Service for more details.

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