10 Spring Clean Tips You Need to Know

As the days get longer and the weather gets milder, you might be thinking about your annual spring clean. Spring cleaning comes from the days when homes were heated by open fires. The end of winter would mean the fire was no longer needed but a spot of cleaning was required to rid the home of soot.

Whether you love the ritual of preparing your home for the summer months, or if you just hate cleaning full stop, we have a few handy tips that will make it quicker, simpler and easier. Read on to discover our top cleaning hacks that will leave your home sparkling and clean.

Stock up on vinegar


Vinegar is a cheap and readily available product that can be used to clean almost anything in your home. Use it to deodorise washing machines, dishwashers and plugholes. Use it to clean mirrors and windows to a streak-free shine. And you can even use it to clean the inside of your coffee machine. Once you learn just how versatile vinegar is for cleaning, you’ll always want to keep a bottle handy.

When life gives you lemons…


Get cleaning! You may not know that lemons are very effective for cleaning and they’ll leave your home smelling delicious. You can use whole lemons to help scrub away grease stains or remove the early signs of rust on your taps. 

Get smart with linen storage


Changing your bed linen could become a lot easier with this simple hack. Instead of randomly piling up bed linen in the cupboard, try organising it to make it easier to find matching sets. After washing bed linen, fold it up and store complete sets in a matching pillowcase. This will make it easier to change your bed in the future and help to keep your linen cupboard organised.

Make the most of your dishwasher


While it may be called a “dish” washer, you don’t have to feel limited about what you can clean in there. Your dishwasher is a very versatile cleaning tool that could be used to hygienically clean everything from children’s toys to your shower head. Load up your dishwasher with everything you planned to wash by hand and you can then focus on other tasks.

Put those lone socks to work


Part of your spring cleaning routine may involve getting rid of any socks that have lost their pair. Before you bag them up and send them for fabric recycling, why not put them to work? Solo socks make excellent dusters. Simply slip one on your hand and you can quickly dust things like sideboards and blinds. When you’re done, throw it in the washing machine and use it time and time again.

Get rid of water rings with this simple trick

water rings

It’s all very well saying “you should’ve used a coaster” but, if the damage is already done, you may be looking for a way to hide unsightly water rings. Before you reach for the tablecloth, try grabbing a hairdryer first. Point the dryer at the watermark to slowly heat it up. You’ll see the stain disappearing before your eyes. When it’s gone, simply rub the wood with a small amount of olive oil to replenish the grain. You’ll be amazed how easily you can get coffee tables looking like new. 

Use a squeegee to pick up hair


Living with pets can be wonderful in many ways but picking up pet hair is not usually high on the list of a pet owner’s favourite things. If the hoover is struggling to shift this, don’t worry, simply grab a squeegee. Use the squeegee to drag the pet hair on carpet and upholstery into easy to pick up clumps. This trick is great for stairs if your hoover struggles to pick up pet hair.

Clean your microwave with a mug


If the inside of your microwave is splattered with food stains, there is a quick and simple way to clean it without scrubbing for hours. Simply put a mug of water in the microwave and turn it on high for a few minutes. The water will turn to vapour and soften the baked-on food stains then all you need to do is wipe away the softened debris with a soft cloth. 

Use lint rollers for more than just clothes


Lint rollers are great for removing stray hairs and bits of fluff from your clothing before you head out the door. But who said they should only be used for clothing? Lint rollers are excellent for removing dust from things like curtains and lampshades. They are cheap, easy to use and some of them are even reusable.

Declutter your home


A decluttered home is much easier to keep clean. This is why it makes sense to commit to decluttering your home every 6 months or so. Take it room by room and ask yourself if you really need each item. You can create piles for things you can sell, things you can donate, things you can recycle and finally, things you can throw away. Try to focus on keeping the last pile as small as possible. When you get into the habit of decluttering your home, you will find it is much easier to keep things clean.

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