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We work with home owners, landlords, businesses and letting agents, so whether you need an emergency repair or a new boiler installed, our friendly, highly-qualified plumbers will solve your problem in a timely, cost-efficient and professional manner.

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Read some examples of work that our plumbers in Wilmslow completed recently:

What the problem was:Leaking sink repair in wilmslow
Customer called with two very common plumbing problems, a leak under her kitchen sink, and also one of her bathroom sink taps also needed tightening as it had come loose. The customer wanted us to attend during the weekend due to work obligations during the week.

What we did:
The call advisor that answered the call confirmed to her the cost of the repairs, and also that we could attend her home in Wilmslow on Saturday coming, we then went on to confirm if a morning of afternoon appointment would be more suitable for the customer.  On the day of the appointment the customer was called 30 minutes prior to the engineer’s arrival to confirm that he was on his way.
The engineer arrived and put carpet protectors on his shoes, and put down dust sheets around the working area, to prevent any mess.  The kitchen sink was examined by the plumber first and the leak traced to the waste coming loose. This was removed, cleaned, tightened and re-sealed and then further checks were done to ensure that there was no further leaks.  The bathroom tap was then tightened with a basin wrench, the pipe connections were also checked to ensure that no leaks had occurred due to the movement of the tap.

Customer was satisfied with the repairs, and also the speed in which they were completed, leaving her to enjoy the rest of her weekend.

Client testimonial:
Good engineer, good customer service, great communication. I am very satisfied.

What the problem was:Repair to megaflow tank in wilmslow
Client has a Megaflo 170 litre emersion hot water system, the emersion heater seems to have stopped working. Client has no hot water at the moment.

What we provided:
We visited the client’s property to diagnose the problem. We diagnosed that the element in the emersion heater needed replacing. We collected the part from a local supplier and fitted it within the hour.

Problem was fixed, the client now has hot water.

Client testimonial:
The engineer from YourRepair Plumbers arrived on time as agreed. He seemed very experienced in dealing with my problem. He sorted the issue out and fixed the problem fast and cost effectively.