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YourRepair Plumbers are fully committed to offering the highest standard of workmanship in Macclesfield.

We have a wealth of  experience in all aspects of plumbing an heating, gained from over 40 years experience, combining traditional plumbing skills with the latest hi-tech innovations in the industry.

Our plumbers in Macclesfield work pro-actively and re-actively to deal with all aspects of gas, central heating and plumbing problems for both our domestic and commercial customers throughout Macclesfield and the surrounding area.

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Why Choose YourRepair for Your Plumbing Repairs in Macclesfield?

  • 12 month guarantee on all our work
  • All our rates are 100% transparent
  • Boiler diagnostic and safety checks, to quickly identify the problem

  • Fast reliable response
  • All our staff are CRB (DBS) checked
  • Friendly, uniformed staff, with visible identification

Here are some examples of work that our plumbers in Macclesfield have completed recently:

YourRepair Plumbers in Macclesfield Fitting Outside TapWhat the problem was:
Client requested an outside tap to be fitted for use during the summer months.

What we did:
We arrived within the timescale agreed with the customer and installed her a new outside garden tap.

All parts supplied were from our van stock therefore enabling the job to run smoothly and efficiently.

Client was happy that the job was completed within the hour as with over 95% of plumbing repair jobs.

Client testimonial:
Within a day of contacting YourRepair Plumbers and requesting an outside tap to be fitted Dave was there to install it. He was very efficient and got the job complete to a high standard. Highly recommended.

YourRepair Plumbers in MacclesfieldWhat the problem was:
Client’s apartment which she usually rents out, but is currently empty was flooded. She thinks the leak is from a joint on a copper pipe feeding the tank. This is not an emergency as the water has been turned off, the tank is empty and the floor is drying out. The tank rests on a shelf within a cupboard.

What we provided:
The client’s diagnosis was confirmed. There was a leak from a soldiered joint. The joint looked like it had been knocked, possibly by previous tenants when they were vacating the property. We repaired the leak and filled the system back up, then tested the system and left in service.

The leak was fixed and all the heating and hot water system had been checked to give the landlady peace of mind.

Client testimonial:
Keith (plumber) and office staff all very helpful and good to deal with, plumbing repair seems to have been done well. Happy to use again no problem.

What the problem was:
Customer has a new mixer tap for his kitchen sink, and would like a plumber to swap it for him.

Plumbers in MacclesfieldWhat we provided:
The YourRepair call advisor who took the booking arranged for a Plumber to attend to the job on the Saturday, as customer couldn’t arrange any time off work.

The plumber removed the existing tap, and replaced it with the replacement provided.

Customer also reported that they had a slight leak under the sink, so this was also rectified whilst the plumber was there.

Replacement and repair was completed in under an hour.

Customer is pleased with his new replacement kitchen tap. The leak has been fixed. All completion notes and invoice was sent to the customer via email before payment was taken.

Client testimonial:
I was very pleased with the service provided. Particularly being able to pay with card, meant I didn’t have to rush round drawing cash out. Dave was on time, and got the job done fast. No complaints.