Emergency Plumbers in Congleton

Are You Looking for Emergency Plumbers in Congleton?

YourRepair has been providing quality emergency plumbers in Congleton and the surrounding areas for over 20 years.

We’ve been so successful because we provide a fast, efficient service!

At YourRepair, we pride ourselves on arriving at 95% of our jobs within the hour. We do this because we have a state of the art tracking system that allows us to locate the closest available emergency plumber from our team to your property. That means 45 minutes after you have put down your phone, you can expect to be opening your front door to one of our smiling representatives. And they will rarely have to stay longer than necessary; all our vans carry enough equipment to deal with even the most unexpected of situations.

Fast Local Plumbers in Congleton
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Why Choose YourRepair for Your Plumbing Repairs in Congleton?

  • 12 month guarantee on all our work
  • All our rates are 100% transparent
  • Boiler diagnostic and safety checks, to quickly identify the problem

  • Fast reliable response
  • All our staff are CRB (DBS) checked
  • Friendly, uniformed staff, with visible identification

Read some examples of the work that our emergency plumbers in Congleton have recently completed:

Emergency Plumbers in CongletonWhat the problem was:
Toilet is leaking water and it is running through the floor and showing on the ceiling in the garage. Client requires our emergency response service.

What we did:
We arrived within an hour of receiving the call from the client, we then located the leak and fixed it within half an hour.

The leak was fixed with no permanent water damage to the property.

Client testimonial:
Fast response, very knowledgeable and helpful.

YourRepairs Emergency Plumbers in CongletonWhat the problem was:
Customer has a blocked toilet. She suffers with IBS and it is the only toilet at the property, so will need a fix as soon as possible.

What we provided:
Before booking in the job for a local engineer in Congleton, the call advisor advised the customer to stop keep flushing the toilet to try and clear it as this could cause it to overflow and flood the bathroom.

The engineer arrived on site in under an hour as he was attending another property locally. He was able to remove the blockage using his plunge, and checked that it didn’t continue to block a number of times before leaving for his next job.

The customer was very embarrassed due to the problem and her illness, but our Advisors and Engineers managed to put her at ease, and she was happy that the job was completed quickly.

Client testimonial:
With my illness, I need a fully functioning toilet at all times, as was so pleased with the speed the job got carried out. Thank you for all your help.