Boiler Repairs in Knutsford

Repair Option 1


One-off boiler repair
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Boiler Repair

What’s included?

  • A boiler repair carried out by one of our local Gas Safe® boiler breakdown engineers
  • Fully transparent upfront charging system
  • All boiler makes and models repaired
  • 12 months’ guarantee on parts and labour


Repair Option 2

Boiler Repair
Fixed Fee £95

Ongoing Care
£19.50 pcm


What’s included?

Boiler Repair

  • A discounted boiler repair for a fixed fee, includes a single part, and all labour required to fit that part

Ongoing Care

  • A free annual boiler service
  • Ongoing care for your boiler and central heating system
  • Unlimited claims
  • Nothing to pay per future repair
  • Includes all parts and labour


Boiler Repairs in Knutsford

No matter what type, make or model of boiler you have in your home, property, or place of work, YourRepair Plumbers can quickly diagnose and repair your boiler using only high-quality components and parts.

We specialise in boiler repairs in Knutsford, so unlike some, we will never tell you to replace your boiler unless it is definitely more cost effective to do so. If we think a new boiler could save you money, we will let you know, but we won’t make that decision for you – we are at your service.

Fast Local Boiler Repairs in Knutsford
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Why Choose YourRepair for Boiler Repairs in Knutsford?

  • 12 month guarantee on all our work
  • All our rates are 100% transparent
  • Boiler diagnostic and safety checks, to quickly identify the problem

  • Fast reliable response
  • All our staff are CRB (DBS) checked
  • Friendly, uniformed staff, with visible identification

Here’s some examples of boiler repairs in Knutsford that YourRepair have completed recently:

What the problem was:Alpha boiler repair in knutsford, faulty diverter valve
Mrs Finstock has an Alpha 24R boiler in her home in Knutsford. She doesn’t know how old the boiler is, as it was already installed when she brought the house two years ago. The boiler was serviced about three months ago by a heating engineer that came out to repair the boiler.  She is now having the same problem, the hot water is working correctly, but it isn’t feeding the radiators.  The previous engineer, who was a sole trader, changed the diverter valve and also the room thermostat according to the receipt that the customer had, so she assumed that it wasn’t a problem with those particular items.  The customer had rang the engineer and he has said that he wouldn’t be able to re-attend the repair, as he was working out of the area for the next few months.

What we did:
The Gas Safe Boiler Breakdown Engineer attended this customers home, the following morning. He first checked to ensure that all switches were set to both hot water and central heating, as this is a common mistake.  However, these were all correct, so the engineer continued to diagnose the fault.  It was confirmed to the customer that the diverter valve that was installed by the previous engineer was not working correctly.  We changed the pin within the diverter valve, to rectify the problem. The Alpha boiler was then switched on again, and checked to ensure that both the hot water and the central heating were working correctly. The engineer also carried out some Gas Safety checks on the boiler, which we do as standard.  Placing a CO2 detector by the boiler was also recommended by the engineer, as we constantly promote Gas Safety in customer’s homes.

The customer knows that if she has any problems with the workmanship of our repair, that she can call our local office, and get through to someone during our working hours. She is also aware of the guarantee on parts and labour that YourRepair provide. This has given the customer complete re-assurance in the aftercare that we offer our customers.

Client testimonial:
Thank you YourRepair for solving my boiler issue, and for the re-assurance that has been given. I know where you are should I have any more issues.




What the problem was:Blocked Heat Exchanger repair in knutsford
The customer had a Biasi Riva Advanced HE boiler installed just under six months ago. He is now having problems with the boiler, as he is only getting intermittent hot water. He has a shower, and it is warm, it then goes cold for a few minutes, and then warms up again.  As the boiler is under warranty, Mr Edwards rang the manufacturer, and they sent an engineer over to have a look. When the engineer from Biasi came, over a week later, he told him he wasn’t covered with the warranty because the problem was being caused by a blocked heat exchange plate.  The Biasi engineer advised that this should have been cleaned out when the installation took place, and couldn’t be covered by them. He suggested asking the installer to come back to do this, but he has not answered any of the customers calls or messages, this has been going on for a number of days now, and the customer needs to get the boiler up and running as soon as possible.

What we provided:
The customer called YourRepair plumbers having looked at our website, because after the experience he has had so far, he wanted to call on a reputable local company, where he said he would have some come back (the customer had looked at our reviews and our guarantee promise). Our Call Advisor explained to Mr Edwards on booking, that our local office can also be contacted during our working hours, and confirmed that this repair would  come with a 12 month guarantee.  We also provided Mr Edwards with a fixed price for the labour part of the repair, as he was also concerned about rising costs, because during the installation, the engineer that installed the boiler demanded an additional £500 from what was originally quoted, and he baffled them with technical jargon when they were concerned as to why.
The heating engineer that attended the property was experienced in both installations and repair work on boilers and central heating systems, and his experience meant that he was able to diagnose faults and get boilers working correctly and efficiently as quickly as possible.
The engineer confirmed that the Biasi engineer’s diagnosis was correct, and went on to clean the HE plate. He then checked and tested the system to ensure that the customer wouldn’t have any further problems caused by the sub-standard installation.


Customer was provided with necessary paperwork to supply to the manufacturer to ensure that the warranty on the boiler stands. We have also set up reminders for the customer to remind them about their annual service, to keep their boiler running as it should.

Client testimonial:
As you know, I was furious when the Biagi plumber told me the problem. I was even more furious when the plumber wouldn’t pick up the phone. Thank you for making a bad situation a bit better by turning up on time, and fixing my problem quickly, and charging me what you said you would. It has been a lesson hard learned, but I know where you are next time.