Broken Tap – What To Do Before Emergency Plumber Arrives

Broken Tap Emergency PlumberWhen a tap breaks it can be a nightmare, water can spray everywhere and panic can ensure. In such situations it can be difficult to react calmly. If you don’t know how to deal with the situation then the first thing you should do is to call an emergency plumber. However there will usually be a period whilst you are waiting for them to arrive. Collected beneath are our top tips to help you properly prepare for an emergency visit from a plumber.

  • Find out where the stop clocks or stop valves for the tap are located.
  • Make sure that the plumber has space to work. To do this ensure that the area around the sink, basin or bath which holds the broken tap is cleared of any clutter, enabling easy access.
  • Take precautions to prepare your home if the water should need to be turned off whilst the plumber works. Turn off the washing machine or dishwasher, if you need to use either of these then wait until after the plumber is finished. Equally if you want a hot drink fill the kettle up, before the water is turned off.

There are a number of types of broken taps and it is worth having some knowledge about these as it can help the emergency plumber to work more effectively once they arrive. The most common causes of tap problems include:

Dripping tap: this is frequently caused by a worn washer or damaged ceramic valve commonly found in modern taps.

Tap leaking from beneath: Regardless of where the tap is fitted, sink, basin or bath, leaking from beneath is a commonly found problem. This problem is most often attributed to a poor connection between the pipe work or flexible hose and the tap.

Leaking tap: This problem can be identified by water leaking from the neck of the tap, and can often be attributed to a worn o-ring in the tap.

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